dwgPlotX - Screenshots

1. Following is the main program window, showing the Folder view in multiple folder select mode, the file view, the Configuration, Batch Options, Drawing Preview and other features (Please note that Plot options are only visible in AutoCAD full version):

2. The main program window, in LT mode showing the File/Folder view and ScriptRunner button:

3. The ScriptRunner interface, showing script selection, editor and various options:

4. The Command Capture to script operation in full swing, showing the commands typed in AutoCAD window, getting recorded in Capture window (See faq):

5 The 'Step Into' line-by-line script testing, showing the current selected line and the AutoCAD operation (See faq):

6. The Tags Management window, showing the Tags editor and storage:

7. The versatile Filename Changer:

8. The precise Operation Scheduler:

9.Streplace(only AutoCAD full version. With scripts, it is possible to change attributes in LT too!):

10. Export (exports to jpg, bmp, dxf, wmf, eps, dwg (AutoCAD full version only. With scripts, it is possible to export in LT too!):