General Features:

  1. Simple and comprehensive file/folder selection with sub-folder search, multiple folder selection, file filter.

  2. Drag and drop files/folders to plot or process.

  3. Save and Load File lists.

  4. All the settings get saved for quick startup.

  5. Network folders can be selected for Plotting.

  6. Automatically loads all the external references of a drawing before plotting.

  7. DXF files can also be batch plotted and exported to various formats.

  8. Three themes are available to Change the Look of the program.

Batch Plotting Features:

(The following Options are not available in AutoCAD LT, though the same can be replicated using scripts in LT, with ScriptRunner):

No scripts required for batch plotting on AutoCAD full version. dwgPlotX incorporates a fully featured script-free dwg/dxf batch plotter for AutoCAD full version with is quick and easy interface. Tools are also available to export drawings to jpg, bmp, dxf, wmf and dwg formats and replace string values in drawings.

Automatically scans all the Plotters and Plot configuration (PC3) files present in the system and the paper sizes for each Plotter.Also scans and makes available stb and ctb files for selection.

Apart from the selection of Plotter and Paper, user can also configure the Plot orientation (portrait/landscape) and the Plot style table .

The dwg files can be plotted to plt files depending on the capabilities of the selected plotter driver, by using "Plot to File", just like in AutoCAD.

As in AutoCAD, plot offsets can be set for batch plotting.

You can choose whether to plot Extents, Display or Limits.

Drawing scale can be selected from among the standard AutoCAD scales.

A Preview of the selected drawing can be seen in the Drawing Preview window - to enable the user to select desired files to plot.

A Plot-preview of the selected drawing can also be viewed in the AutoCAD window - to fine tune the plot-settings.

Number of copies of each document to plot and whether to print layouts of each drawing can also be set. The layouts can be plotted along with or without the Modelspace (not for LT).

The number of times to repeat the batch can also be set - to avoid rearrangement when plotting multiple copies of a Scheme.

Plot Report can be saved in the form of log file.

In addition, dwgPlotX also features STREPLACE function (not for LT): With Steplace, user defined strings in the AutoCAD drawings can be replaced in bulk with the click of a button. Options are available to replace normal text strings and block texts. User has to populate 'From' and 'To' lists, and start the replacement by pressing 'Replace' button. EXPORT function:

- With EXPORT, AutoCAD drawings can be bulk exported to WMF, DXF, EPS, and BMP formats.

- AutoCAD dwg files can also be exported to jpg format with custom quality setting that can be selected from the drop-down.

* A handy Close All button to close all the drawings in the AutoCAD window, with or without saving - saves you the time to save and close each drawing.

No knowledge of LISP or any other language needed. Simple and easy to use user interface.

AutoCAD drawings can be plotted to DWF, PNG and JPG formats by choosing "DWF6 ePlot.pc3", "PublishToWeb PNG.pc3" and "PublishToWeb JPG.pc3" configuration files respectively - which are usually available with AutoCAD - from the Plotter selection drop-down (not for LT).

Multiple AutoCAD drawings can be converted to a single pdf file - without the need of -creating individual pdfs and then merging them - by using PDFcamp - a great pdf printer, in conjunction with dwgPlotX. With PDFcamp, newly plotted pages get automatically appended after the last printed page giving you the full file as final output. PDFcamp can be obtained here.

Batch Scripting Features:

dwgPlotX works as an AutoCAD LT Batch Plotter, with ScriptRunner, using the bundled in 'PLOT.scr' script. You just need to change the plotter name in the script to your desired plotter, select the files to plot, and . Thousands of scripts are available for free download on the internet for almost any operation.

Generate and run scripts on multiple drawings, with ScriptRunner. In AutoCAD, almost any task can be performed by using scripts, and dwgPlotX runs those scripts in batch mode to speed-up operations.

Configurable Pre-batch, Pre-script, Post-script and Post-batch commands to customize each script operation.

To create scripts easily, there is a Command Capture utility to capture AutoCAD commands to scripts enabling you to create useful scripts in no time at all

To test the operation of scripts, they can be examined line-by-line by using 'Step Into'.

A comprehensive and versatile Filename Changer tool to bulk rename any type of files in a number of ways for example add prefix, add suffix, replace string values etc.

A Script Scheduler to pre-schedule a batch plot or script operation.

Strings can be inserted in scripts using User Tags and System Tags. User Tags can be defined using the Tag Management interface. These tags may be anything like project name or creator depending on the need of the script. Tags spare the user the effort to enter long and repetitive strings in the scripts, making the script-creation process more efficient.

Insert System Tags in the script like date, time, filename, filepath etc.

Just download and try dwgPlotX from here to experience its awesome power and utility.