Frequently Asked Questions

Does dwgPlotX work without AutoCAD?

No. dwgPlotX integrates with AutoCAD to operate on AutoCAD drawings. Hence AutoCAD is required for it to work.

When I try to start dwgPlotX or try to give the Plot command, "Unable to Connect to AutoCAD" message box appears.

It happens when, due to any reason, dwgPlotX is unable to start AutoCAD. It can be because of multiple versions of AutoCAD installed on your system. Note that dwgplotX works in conjunction with AutoCAD. So please ensure that AutoCAD is able to start independently and keep it running in the background before running dwgPlotX.

Does dwgPlotX work with AutoCAD LT versions.

Yes, dwgPlotX is compatible with LT versions of AutoCAD. For working in AutoCAD LT, the batch scripting features of ScriptRunner are utilized, as LT does not support VB/COM, so batch scripting is only the way to go in LT version.

dwgPlotX hangs on startup/ shows error.

Try restarting dwgPlotx again or repair/reinstall your AutoCAD installation and then relaunch dwgPlotX.

Plot does not come correctly.

Check the setting of the plotter/printer in the windows "Printers and Faxes" folder that you are using. Make sure that plot comes OK when plotting manually from AutoCAD.

Unable to uninstall dwgPlotX demo.

Uninstall using Windows Add/Remove Programs dialog from the control panel.

How do I batch plot in AutoCAD LT?

For AutoCAD LT batch plotting, a script 'PLOT.scr' is being bundled in with dwgPlotX. Open that script in the script editor, if not already opened, and in that script, just replace the name of the printer 'PDFCamp Printer' to your preferred printer (without any quotes). Other options in the script are self explanatory. Then run this script after selecting the files. Please note that you may need to provide the path & name of your AutoCAD LT executable in General Settings of the Preferences window, which you can access from top menu (Tools->Preferences->General Settings). You can also make custom AutoCAD scripts, by using the commmand capture utlity in ScriptRunner. If you just need to plot in AutoCAD LT, you can go for version 2.1.8, which is a pure AutoCAD Batch Scripter. Download it from here

What is the need of batch scripts / what can be done with batch scripts?

Almost any kind of operation in AutoCAD for which a command is there can be performed with batch scripts on a bulk of files at once. For example plotting, purging, attribute replacing, drawing, zooming & saving, exporting to various formats etc. In addition, by including LISP and VBA codes in your scripts, there is no task, that is impossible with scripts in dwgPlotX.

How to use the command capture tool?

The command capture tool can be used to create AutoCAD scripts easily and fast. A script is a set of commands combined to to a certain operation. When you open the Command Capture window, you need to click the start button to start capturing. Then, bring up the AutoCAD window, and type the command in its commandline window at the bottom. You will find that the command gets automatically recorded in the Capture window. Continue giving the responses to the prompts of the command you entered till that command is complete and operation on one file is over. Now, click Stop button on the Capture window, and edit the script if you want. After that, you can either save this script as an scr file or copy it to the ScriptRunner script editor for a quick batch operation.

How do I test my script?

There are two ways to test your script, first is by running it through a limited number of drawings by using Test Run button, and second is by running it line-by-line by using Step Into. For 'Test Run', you need to specify the number of files the script will be test-run in Preferences->ScriptRunner. For Step Into, you need to bring up the 'Step Into' window, and click on start button to load the script. Then, you need to press 'Step Next' to advance the script line-by-line. You will be able to see the current line in the view below, and its operation in the AutoCAD window. It is advisable to remove any qsave commands (during testing) in the script after the operation, or test the script on dummy drawings.

How do I convert my AutoCAD drawings to pdf using AutoCAD?

Inherently, dwgPlotX does not convert drawings to pdf, but in conjunction with other software, it can efficiently and economically convert your AutoCAD drawings to pdf. For this purpose, we recommend PDFCamp printer. After installing this software on your PC, you will be able to select it from the Plotter selection drop-down of dwgPlotX. The useful feature of PDFCamp is that all the drawings that are being plotted, are getting appended into a single file continuously, giving you a final pdf of all your drawing files as the output. To setup PDFCamp, you need to go to Printers and Faxes folder, right click on PDFCamp icon to get Printing Preferences. In there, in the 'Save as' tab, give a batch output file name, and check "Append to last page if file exist". Other options may be selected if required. Now, while plotting through dwgPlotX using PDFCamp printer, select the Executive paper (as other paper sizes may give wrong results). After a plotting operation is over, rename the batch output file, so that a new drawing pdf file can be made. You can download PDFCamp here You may try it before buying.

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